Welcome to Bikini Project, Season 2!

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If you've watched Bikini Project Season 1 on Youtube, you'll know the scoop: Bikini Project is a lifestyle, not just a trend. And the Bikini Project Vlog: Season 2 is here to show you how you can live that lifestyle, too!

Living fit, smiling often, eating healthily, exploring and having a balanced life. That’s the spirit of Bikini Project.

And Season 2 comes with even more!

This time, I'm not getting ready for competition. Instead, I'm living a more balanced  lifestyle. I'm still following healthy fitness and diet goals consistently -- just without the yo-yo effect of on-and-off-competition.

We all know how bad the yo-yo effect is on our health, right? Well, it's time to banish that forever.

So follow Bikini Project Season 2 on Youtube as I share even more travel adventures and real-life health tips with you! Or check out my blog; I'll be updating Bikini Project there, too.

And be sure to ask about my Online Coaching!

Whether you're traveling or staying home, my health and fitness plans show you the best way to reach, and stick to, your fitness goals.

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