What’s Bikini Project?

Bikini Project started on December 2015 while I was traveling to 15 countries (in just 5 months!).

I had just returned from traveling for national level competitions. The stressful schedule, intense training and strict dieting took a lot of discipline. Three competitions, back and forth; two wins.

It was extremely hard on body. I felt depleted.

It was then that I realized something: it's simply impossible to continue that kind of lifestyle indefinitely. It leads to yo-yoing because what goes up, must come down.

But I continued traveling (just for pleasure at this point).  Somehow, I found a way to strike a balance. And from that, Season 1 Bikini Project was born.

It was supposed to come in 3 phases:

Off Season + Prep + Competition

But instead, it came something like this:

  1. Off season: Rest time for the body while still being careful what you eat. Because sometimes a little taste leads to a big plate.
  2. Prep: I was about to start my restrictive prep diet to get ready for the next competition. The revelation came...
  3.  In Mexico, I realised what the Bikini Project was really about. Bikini Project is not just about getting ready for a competition. It's about getting ready for life.

In the Bikini Project Season 2, you’ll see how I broke the cycle of yo-yo dieting and extreme exercise. Of how I found the right balance of fitness, fun, focus and health.

Note: The video’s first half,  “Making a Fit Cake” is with English subtitles; the second half, Muay Thai Training, is spoken in English (with Portuguese subtitles). Enjoy!


What's Changed? And Why It Matters To You.

Now I travel and stay fit with a smile on my face.

I feel blessed because I know this is the life I want to keep living. A balanced life of fun, adventure and health — not so extreme like my life once was. Something I can keep up the whole year.

A lifestyle change I (and anyone) can live with.

And I want to show you how to live a balanced life, too!

So stayed tuned to Bikini Project Season Two (Youtube and Blog)...

This upcoming season is bringing a whole new level: more fun, more fitness tips, more travel adventure!

And of course, a lifestyle anyone can enjoy. A balanced life.

If you're looking for the balance between your fitness goals and real-life, contact me below. I can help because I've been there.

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