All you need to know about Phuket, Thailand

Heyyy guys!!! Where did we stop last? Ohh yes! I was leaving Seattle to take off to Thailand!

It’s my third time in Thailand and it is by far my favorite place to train!

Yes I said train. Some people go for the breathtaking beaches and islands or even party, but I go there to train. I don’t know if you know, but one of my passions is Muaythai. The martial art born guess where?

Exactly. Thailand. I love this sport with my whole heart.

The island I stay (and my favorite) is called Phuket. Located just about 50min plane from the capital, Bangkok. Phuket is a small island full of natural beauty, culture, history, happy thai people, and lot of things to see and do.

Pic taken on the Airport Airport in Phuket

Pic taken on the Airport in Phuket


My life in Phuket consisted in Muaythai Training in the morning, and weight training in the evening, that’s paradise to me. 

Here’s some tips for you if you are going to Thailand to Train. BTW I wish someone had made a post like that so I didn’t have to find out myself. Anyways, here we go:

Chalong is the place to go if you want to devote your time entirely to train muaythai – or even other sports. On the main street they have from cross fit to hot yoga, lot of options of gym’s and many many muaythai gym’s. Plus, all the healthy restaurants, gym clothes stores, muaythai gear stores, even this low carb pizza place I’ve found – the best I’ve had so far (Koko’s bar- try their protein shakes too! Delicious!)

Chalong have two main muaythai gym’s called: Tiger, and the other one, Phuket Top Team. Both well known in Thailand. Many UFC athletes go there to train and learn Muaythai.

 If you google their names (Tiger or Phuket Top Team) you will find options of “hostel” that they offer for people who travel there to do a Muaythai camps. The hotels and resorts itself are pretty cheap too so you might check all the options.

If you want to train and also have fun nights, party, bars, night clubs, plus beach on day time you better chose Patong. Just about 30 min drive from Chalong, Patong beach have the best resorts located in the Island. Malls everywhere, restaurants with food from all over the world, always some music playing somewhere, lots of people, crazy traffic and infinite options of massage places. Btw the best massage you will ever have in your life for 10$/hour!


Here’s something else you will need to get when you arrive in Phuket:  Moto-bike. Everyone has a moto-bike, is fast cheap and economic.



Going back to the party topic above. In Patong you will find the famous Bangla Road. The road is closed to vehicle traffic and becomes a 400 meters of neon lights, loud music, cheap beer, go go bars, and sexy girls dancing on the table half naked making sure you will have the night of your life.

In my stay in Phuket, I stayed in Patong. The best Muaythai gym over there – and the gym I always train at when I’m there – is called Maximus Fitness and Muaythai Centre.  The best thing about Maximus is that they have a real gym weight training – awesome equipment – attached to the muaythai gym. They also have an amazing ocean view and a protein shake bar. If in Patong that’s the place to train – workout weight training or Muaythai.



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xox, Isa Melo



  1. Sydney on November 21, 2016 at 6:57 pm

    OOH, I want to learn Muay Thai but don’t know where to start! (I’m scurred lol) What is your training like? It would be so cool to see exactly what you do/how it works…!

    • Isadora on January 11, 2017 at 9:41 pm

      Hi Sydney! check out my youtube channel on the section of this site “Bikini Project” I have tons of videos showing my Muaythai training over there. I hope it helps you!

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