After Eurotrip, where did I go?

HOLA GUYSS! Quick update about what’s going on right now… As you guys know I’m shooting Bikini Project Season2 #Fitness #Travel #Lifestyle

Last post was about Europe, all the countries we’ve covered. This post is about what we done after Europe.

Last place we visited in the Eurotrip was the beautiful Nice in France. After a long plane ride we finally arrived…where?

Seattle – USA. There for just few days I would say I’ve really used the time wisely over there.Got myself organized, had really some time to myself as there wasn’t a “rush” to be somewhere, did some really good workouts at an actual gym – LA fitness Seattle – I was impressed how good that gym is, nice equipment, vast variety and the place is huge. Plus+ you will see some nice fit people there which motives you to go harder 😉

Also, did a little tour around the city. Went to Public Market “must go” Seattle’s spot.


Public Market

And of course since in Seattle did some shopping 😉


After Seattle, we took off to…

Thailand! (where I am currently)  Three continents in just a week! What a journey, amazinggg journey!

It was over 24 hrs to get there! 17 hrs plane to plane – Seattle – Tokyo – Bangkok- Phuket

We arrived safely around midnight in Phuket-  staying here about 2 weeks then a day in Bangkok.

Is my third time in Thailand, and every time I come here is a unique experience and I fall in love even more for this place and the people.

Next post will be only about Phuket and I’ll tell you guys the reason I came to here (suspense music)

Stay Tuned!

xoxo, Isa


  1. Sydney Baretta on September 30, 2016 at 9:57 pm

    OMG, even though you’ve been travelling so much, you look amazing! I always gain so much weight and look like a train-wreck. lol Anyway, I love the photos and travel tips!

    • Isadora on October 29, 2016 at 5:12 am

      Thank you Sydney! haha you not alone, most of people go to vacation and looost it. The change behavior starts within. Fitness is a lifestyle I’m only able to keep fit in my trips because the way I live and if I can do it, I’m 100% sure you can do too girll!

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