Who I Am and How I Got Into Fitness.

Hi, guys!

I'm Isadora Melo, Bikini National Level Athlete (CBBF), Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutrition Advisor.



Growing up in Brazil, I was always competing in team sports, traveling for tournaments, collecting medals and trophies...

My whole childhood revolved around playing sports.

At 15 years old I started lifting weights — it was a love at first sight. I worked out all the time but never paid much attention to nutrition. I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

Years went by and things got tough at university. I didn’t have time to train and do sports... and I never cared much for health-foods.

Sure, I noticed a weight gain, but nothing major.

However, eventually my fitness and health got worse. I would eat junk food every other day, not work out at all, and party a lot. Then, one day...


I looked in the mirror and did not recognize myself.



So, when the new year of 2013 approached, I made a vow: I would look like myself again.

Only this time, I'd be stronger. Better.

I started training consistently 6 times a week, exactly as I did in Brazil.

I changed my whole diet. I ate healthily and followed an actual meal plan.

Guess what happened?

Things actually started to change like never before! I discovered that good diet and consistent training can transform my life!


2013 was a milestone in my life.

I finally got myself together and became the person I always wanted to be.

I felt so empowered, that at the end of the year I decided to compete. But with all the traveling, it was hard to keep the right mind set. I wanted to compete but…  I wasn't ready to step out of my comfort zone.

2015 came by and I fully committed my mind and time to make that dream happen.

I restricted my diet. I focused on training. And I competed in 3 shows, in 5 months. Back to back. I even won some titles:

  • BCABB Northern Classic Fort Sant John 2015- 1st Place - Bikini Class B
  • BCABB BC Championship Provincials 2015- 1st Place - Bikini Class C
  • CBBF Canadian Nationals - Halifax 2015 – 6th Place - Bikini Class C



But eventually, something had to change.

I found balance in my life: a way to maintain a healthy weight and fitness level; a way to eat regularly, not binge and restrict.

And now I want to help you find it, too.

If you've ever struggled with your eating habits or with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, contact me via the form below.

My Online Coaching will put you on the track to true health and fitness. You'll learn habits that you can maintain — for a lifetime.

You deserve to be happy, fit and healthy -- and you can.


Isadora Melo


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